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Fleet Manager

Salary : 30000 , Application Deadline 05/Dec/2023

Job location: Abu Dhabi

Company: Cleaning & Facilities Management

Minimum 10 years’ experience covering following areas of operation:

  • Manage and plan vehicles and transportation work for the company. 
  • Manage a fleet of more than 500 Heavy Buses and directing the relevant department in day to day activities of providing various projects with vehicles, heavy equipment, plant, machinery and tools
  • Implementing corrective actions to optimize and reduce the transportation cost  
  • Ensure store and procurement are performing in satisfactory level in term of spare parts delivery time, proper storage and maintain proper log for auditing purposes.
  • Study / forecast the mobilization and demobilization of manpower to achieve project schedule and budget.
  • Plan and oversee all kind of repairs, routine maintenance, predictive maintenance.
  • Monitor expenses and control the budget for maintenance.
  • Manage requirements in timely manner with focus on economical solutions with projects managers.
  • Keep maintenance logs and report on daily activities.
  • Ensure health and safety policies are complied with safety standards.
  • Manage the maintenance department and garage for the timely repair and delivery of the  vehicles.
  • Implement new technologies of vehicle tracking and fuel consumption monitoring to minimize the fuel cost and reduce the
  • Liaise with Department of Transport, Police and other regulatory authorities related to resolving vehicle fines, renewals, impounding, accidents, and other regulatory requirements.