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Senior Business Development Manager

Salary : 25000 , Application Deadline 05/Dec/2023

Reports to: Director Business Development

The Commercial & Business Engagement Division is responsible for driving strategic engagement programs and initiatives that support the Commercial Portfolio Leasing objectives, delivering commercial, educational, and social value. These initiatives include attracting local and international entities to set up their headquarters and experience centres; developing programs that contribute to the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences; enhancing the City’s positioning as a hub of excellence and a centre for innovation, education and sustainability; developing strategic partnerships; and integrating businesses, SMEs, educational entities, students, and innovators as part of a cohesive ecosystem.
The Senior Manager, Business Development manages and directs the daily activities of the leasing function, ensuring the alignment to the leasing strategy to achieve revenue targets, and managing all Commercial Tenants that are part of Commercial Portfolio.

Strategic Responsibilities 
• Support the key growth commercial strategies 
• Support the development of key strategies to attract companies in the sustainability field and industry
• Support or lead in negotiation and execution on tenanting opportunities
• Manage broker relationships.
• Develop the Client Relations requirements so that Tenants are part of a seamless experience and feeds into all policy and process documentation governing that function and how it feeds into the investor/tenant journey from start to finish.
• Collaborate in all leasing endeavours with a responsibility of a 2.00M sf portfolio
• Keep up to date with market trends, upcoming property developments and average prices.
Operational Responsibilities
• Achieve/exceed annual commercial and tenanting targets.
• Support and ensure the strategic plan is followed.
• Build and maintain strong, long-lasting strategic client relationships with global and local client database.
• Meet with key customers to understand their business needs and objectives. Manage the team with regards to meeting, updating the CRM system
• Support in the development of any new CRM
• Effectively communicate the value proposition through proposals and presentations, events and exhibits
• Understand category-specific landscapes and trends, prepare reports regarding these trends for senior management on a quarterly basis
• Reporting on forces that shift tactical budgets and strategic direction
• Ensure tenanting is in line with Master Development planning and guidelines.
• Keep track of all information related to document control, KYC, and agreements
• Defines departmental budget
• Provides forecast on anticipated revenue as required by Finance
• Liaise with the legal team to ensure that all lease documentation complies with laws and regulations
• Assist in the preparation of lease documentation
• Undertake direct lease negotiations
• Review and renew expiring leases of existing tenants
• Develops an effective and efficient records management system for client databases, broker databases, lease contracts and department records
• Ensure the team provides the highest level of service to clients and potential clients
• Establish and maintain effective relationships with potential clients
• Establish and maintain a comprehensive reporting system for all leasing achieved
• Review client collections and ensure that they are paid as per the plan or that corrective measures are in place in case of delays
• Any other duties as required